A Generic Agent-based Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure for Social-mobile Applications


This paper presents a generic agent-based framework for social-mobile applications, which has been developed as part of an ongoing linkage project. The MobiSoft project is driven by the vision of facilitating, augmenting, and promoting human social interaction by electronic personal assistants during face-to-face encounters. Possible areas of social mobile applications include the establishment of groups or communities based on shared interests or goals, the exchange of information such as personal profiles, news, private sales, or any kind of recommendations, and the preselection of possible communication partners in social networks. As part of this ongoing project, we have developed a new agent-based peer-to-peer software infrastructure for socialmobile applications. It focuses on strategies for information exchange in mobile adhoc networks and techniques for information representation using semantically rich languages based on existing standards. In contrast to existing approaches for the mobile Internet that are based on the client/server paradigm, the project proposes to use a completely decentralized approach (peer-to-peer) and to use mobile agents as intelligent information carrier.

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