A General Approach to Dominance in the Plane

  title={A General Approach to Dominance in the Plane},
  author={Mark de Berg and Svante Carlsson and Mark H. Overmars},
  journal={J. Algorithms},
Given two points p and q and a set of points 0 in the plane, p is said to dominate q with respect to 0 if p dominates q and there is no 0 E 0 such that p dominates 0 and 0 dominates q. In other words, 0 is a set of obstacles that might block the "rectangular view" from p to q. Given sets P and 0 we are interested in determining all pairs (p, q) E P x P such that p dominates q with respect to O. This generalizes notions of direct dominance and rectangular visibility that have been studied before… CONTINUE READING
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