A Gene Necessary for Reproductive Suppression in Termites

  title={A Gene Necessary for Reproductive Suppression in Termites},
  author={J. Korb and Tobias Weil and K. Hoffmann and K. Foster and M. Rehli},
  pages={758 - 758}
  • J. Korb, Tobias Weil, +2 authors M. Rehli
  • Published 2009
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Knocking out the Neofem2 gene in queen termites illicits pre-reproductive behavior in workers. A major transition in evolution is the origin of a division between reproduction and work among individuals. Nowhere is this divide more striking than in social insects, where workers rarely produce offspring even though they are often capable of reproduction should the queen or king die. The molecular mechanisms that control worker reproduction remain largely unknown. We used a combination of… CONTINUE READING
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    Materials and methods are available as supporting material on Science Online
      The authors thank S. Schneuwly and J. Landskron for micromanipulator help and K. Merches and K. Borner for laboratory support