A Gendered Bun in the Oven. The Gender-reveal Party as a New Ritualization during Pregnancy

  title={A Gendered Bun in the Oven. The Gender-reveal Party as a New Ritualization during Pregnancy},
  author={Florence Pasche Guignard},
  journal={Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses},
  pages={479 - 500}
By appropriating both medical and communication technologies, the gender-reveal party has recently emerged as a ritual performance centered on a dramatically staged disclosure of the sex of a gestating fetus. The gender-reveal party is an example of the new forms of ritualization that take place during pregnancy in 21st-century North America. Typically, the focal point of the party is when the future parents cut a cake whose inside color (blue or pink) reveals the sex of the fetus. This article… 
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