A Gender Diary

  title={A Gender Diary},
  author={Ann Barr Snitow},
‘A hatred so intense…’1. We need to talk about Kevin. Postfeminism and women’s cinema
This article explores Lynne Ramsay’s 2011 film, We Need to Talk about Kevin, in the context of what has been called the ‘new momism’, and in the light of key feminist debates about maternal
Motherhood and the Military, Apposing Forces? A Female Perspective.
Becoming a mother is a life altering experience on its own. When women who serve in the military become mothers for the first time their cover as conceptual men is broken. Motherhood ultimately
Ahora que estamos juntas: memorias, políticas y emociones feministas
Resumen: Este trabajo desarrolla algunos aspectos del repertorio afectivo feminista que históricamente cruza la política y la teoría feminista, en el marco de una reflexión más general sobre el
Displacing Place, Unstating Feminism (or: One Migrant Settler’s Quest for a Standing Place)
ABSTRACT Place forms the material grounds of our personal-political becomings, and feminist theory after Adrienne Rich and Audre Lorde demonstrates how understanding our respective locatedness forms
Wanting All the Species to Be: Extinction, Environmental Visions, and Intimate Aesthetics
ABSTRACT This article responds to the question ‘What do we Want?’ posed to scholars in the feminist environmental humanities, by expressing the desire for a multitude of species to continue to exist
A Spatial Game Theoretic Analysis of Conflict and Identity
Using theoretical arguments and extensive simulations, in this paper we conclude that in a spatial evolutionary Hawk–Dove game with uncorrelated asymmetry and informational asymmetry, the
Yarning and appreciative inquiry: The use of culturally appropriate and respectful research methods when working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in Australian prisons
With First Peoples and non–First Peoples scholars alike questioning the efficacy of research methods based solely upon accepted social science research paradigms with Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Harnessing Gender to Law: A Mosaic Approach to Designing Domestic Violence Policy
Abstract This paper concerns how legal mechanisms intended to address domestic violence (DV) can be better designed to adequately consider its gendered impacts and complexity. I analyze two
‘Um ódio tão intenso…’. Temos de falar sobre o Kevin. Pós-feminismo e cinema feminino
Este artigo explora o filme de 2011 de Lynne Ramsay, Temos de Falar Sobre o Kevin, no contexto daquilo que foi designado “novo mamaismo” e a luz dos principais debates feministas sobre representacao