A Gallium Anomaly Utilized in Palaeogeographic Reconstruction of Battle Mountain, Rappahannock County, Virginia

  title={A Gallium Anomaly Utilized in Palaeogeographic Reconstruction of Battle Mountain, Rappahannock County, Virginia},
  author={Thomas A. Woolman},
  journal={Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science},
  pages={155 - 172}
  • Thomas A. Woolman
  • Published 2 May 2016
  • Geology
  • Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science
This paper explores the geostatistical relationship between volcanic and plutonic rock on Battle Mountain, one of the northernmost units of the Robertson River Igneous Suite in central Virginia (U.S.A.), in an effort to reconstruct the original appearance of the formation after rift volcanism at 704 Ma. This Neoproterozoic anorogenic formation dates from the initial rifting of the supercontinent Rodinia and may be one of the oldest intact visible volcanic formations in Virginia. This paper… 


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