A Gaia View on the Star Formation in the Monoceros OB1 and R1 Associations

  title={A Gaia View on the Star Formation in the Monoceros OB1 and R1 Associations},
  author={Beomdu Lim and Ya{\"e}l Naz{\'e} and Jongsuk Hong and Sung-yong Yoon and Jinhee Lee and Narae Hwang and Byeong-Gon Park and Jeong-Eun Lee},
  journal={The Astronomical Journal},
Stellar kinematics provides the key to understanding the star formation process. In this respect, we present a kinematic study of the Monoceros OB1 (Mon OB1) and R1 (Mon R1) associations using the recent Gaia data and radial velocities of stars derived from high-resolution spectroscopy and the literature. A total of 728 members are selected using the criteria based on the intrinsic properties of young stars, parallaxes, and proper motions. The spatial distribution and kinematic properties of… 



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