A GKM description of the equivariant cohomology ring of a homogeneous space

  title={A GKM description of the equivariant cohomology ring of a homogeneous space},
  author={Victor Guillemin and Thorsten Holm and Catalin Zara},
Let T be a torus of dimension n > 1 and M a compact T -manifold. M is a GKM manifold if the set of zero dimensional orbits in the orbit space M/T is zero dimensional and the set of one dimensional orbits in M/T is one dimensional. For such a manifold these sets of orbits have the structure of a labelled graph and it is known that a lot of topological information about M is encoded in this graph. In this paper we prove that every compact homogeneous space M of non-zero Euler characteristic is of… CONTINUE READING
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