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A GEM Detector System for an Upgrade of the High-eta Muon Endcap Stations GE1/1 + ME1/1 in CMS

  title={A GEM Detector System for an Upgrade of the High-eta Muon Endcap Stations GE1/1 + ME1/1 in CMS},
  author={Duccio Abbaneo and Marcello Abbrescia and Paul Aspell and Stefano Bianco and K. Hoepfner and Marcus Hohlmann and Mario Maggi and Gilles De Lentdecker and Alex Safonov and A. S. Sharma and Michael Tytgat},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Detectors},
Based on the CMS Upgrade R&D Proposal RD10.02, we describe the motivation and main features of the CMS GEM Project for LS2 and propose the addition of a full GE1/12 detector station comprising Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) chambers to the forward muon system of CMS. The limitations of the currently existing forward muon detector when operating at increasingly high luminosity expected after LS1 are laid out followed by a brief description of the anticipated performance improvements achievable… 

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