A Framework for the Landscape

  title={A Framework for the Landscape},
  author={Ben Freivogel and Leonard Susskind},
It seems likely that string theory has a landscape of vacua that includes very many metastable de Sitter spaces. However, as emphasized by Banks, Dine and Gorbatov, no current framework exists for examining these metastable vacua in string theory. In this paper we attempt to correct this situation by introducing an eternally inflating background in which the entire collection of accelerating cosmologies is present as intermediate states. The background is a classical solution which consists of a… 

The Three Faces of a Fixed Point

It has been argued that the only mathematically precise quantum descriptions of gravitating systems are from vantage points which allow an unbounded amount of information to be gathered. For an

Open inflation in the landscape

Open inflation scenario is attracting a renewed interest in the context of string landscape. Since there are a large number of metastable de Sitter vacua in string landscape, tunneling transitions to

Can we predict Λ for the non-SUSY sector of the landscape?

We propose a new selection criterion for predicting the most probable wavefunction of the universe that propagates on the string landscape background, by studying its dynamics from a quantum

Asymptotic states of the bounce geometry

We consider the question of asymptotic observables in cosmology. We assume that string theory contains a landscape of vacua, and that metastable de Sitter regions can decay to a zero cosmological

2 15 M ar 2 00 6 Probabilities in the landscape : The decay of nearly flat space

We discuss aspects of the problem of assigning probabilities in eternal inflation. In particular, we investigate a recent suggestion that the lowest energy de Sitter vacuum in the landscape is

Is there supercurvature mode of massive vector field in open inflation?

We investigate the Euclidean vacuum mode functions of a massive vector field in a spatially open chart of de Sitter spacetime. In the one-bubble open inflationary scenario that naturally predicts a

String theory : from gauge interactions to cosmology

Preface.- Lectures I. Beyond The Standard Models Of Particle Physics And Cosmology N. Arkhani-Hamed.- Strings In A Landscape T. Banks.- Quantization Of Holomorphic Forms And N = 1 Supersymmetry On

Landscape, the scale of SUSY breaking, and inflation

We argue that in the simplest version of the KKLT model, the maximal value of the Hubble constant during inflation cannot exceed the present value of the gravitino mass, Hm3/2. This may have

Cosmology and the S matrix

We study conditions for the existence of asymptotic observables in cosmology. With the exception of de Sitter space, the thermal properties of accelerating universes permit arbitrarily long

The Arrow of Time Forbids a Positive Cosmological Constant $Λ$

Motivated by the mounting evidence for dark energy, here we explore the consequences of a fundamental cosmological constant $\Lambda$ for our universe. We show that when the gravitational entropy of



De Sitter vacua in string theory

We outline the construction of metastable de Sitter vacua of type IIB string theory. Our starting point is highly warped IIB compactifications with nontrivial NS and RR three-form fluxes. By

Is there really a de Sitter/CFT duality?

In this paper a de Sitter Space version of Black Hole Complementarity is formulated which states that an observer in de Sitter Space describes the surrounding space as a sealed finite temperature

The trouble with de Sitter space

In this paper we assume the de Sitter space version of black hole Complementarity which states that a single causal patch of de Sitter space is described as an isolated finite temperature cavity

Is there a string theory landscape

We examine recent claims of a large set of flux compactification solutions of string theory. We conclude that the arguments for AdS solutions are plausible. The analysis of meta-stable dS solutions

The fate of four dimensions

In gravitational theories with extra dimensions, it is argued that the existence of a positive vacuum energy generically implies catastrophic instability of our four-dimensional world. The most

D-Sitter Space: Causal Structure, Thermodynamics, and Entropy

We study the entropy of concrete de Sitter flux compactifications and deformations of them containing D-brane domain walls. We determine the relevant causal and thermodynamic properties of these

M-theory observables for cosmological space-times

: We discuss the construction of the analog of an S-matrix for space-times that begin with a Big-Bang and asymptote to an FRW universe with nonnegative cosmological constant. When the cosmological

Spontaneous decompactification

Positive vacuum energy together with extra dimensions of space imply that our four-dimensional Universe is unstable, generically to decompactification of the extra dimensions. Either quantum tunneling

Dynamics of false-vacuum bubbles.

The possibility of localized inflation is investigated by calculating the dynamics of a spherically symmetric region of false vacuum which is separated by a domain wall from an infinite region of true vacuum, and it is suggested that this mechanism is likely to lead to an instability of Minkowski space.