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A Framework for an R to OpenGL Interface for Interactive 3D graphics

  title={A Framework for an R to OpenGL Interface for Interactive 3D graphics},
  author={Daniel Adler and Oleg Nenadic},
We describe a framework for providing interactive 3D graphics in R. The key component is the interface between R and OpenGL, which provides a set of commands for specifying objects and operations that enable three-dimensional graphical visualization. An alpha version of the software, the core of which is written in ANSI-compliant C++, is available for testing and feedback (Win32 and X11). An important goal in the design has been to facilitate portability to different operating systems. An… Expand
Development of Alternative Methods for Robot Kinematics
The problem of finding mathematical tools to represent rigid body motions in space has long been on the agenda of physicists and mathematicians and is considered to be a well-researched andExpand
Scatterplot3d - an R package for visualizing multivariate data
Scatterplot3d is an R package for the visualization of multivariate data in a three dimensional space designed by exclusively making use of already existing functions of R and its graphics system and thus shows the extensibility of the R graphics system. Expand
Orientlib: An R Package for Orientation Data
Simple properties of orientation data are reviewed and Orientlib is described, an R package that provides automatic translation between different representations of orientations, including rotation matrices, quaternions, Euler angles and skew-symmetric matrices. Expand
Exploring Variation in Three-Dimensional Shape Data
These techniques are illustrated on a longitudinal study of facial development in young children, with particular interest in the identification of differences in facial shape between control children and those who have undergone surgical repair of a cleft lip and/or palate. Expand
Dynamic Language Bindings for C Libraries with emphasis on their application to R
A middleware architecture for scripting languages is discussed that provides for seamless dynamic scripting access to the C API of native libraries without the need for compilation of wrapper modules. Expand
an R-based visual-analytics platform for large and high-dimensional datasets
SpRay is currently developing SpRay, which provides for the explorative analysis of large, high-dimensional datasets in accordance with the visual-analytics paradigma, which uses hardware-accelerated graphics, C++ and Qt, and the performance-oriented design of SpRay allows very large datasets to be explored with greatly reduced response times. Expand
ROCS: Receiver Operating Characteristic Surface for Class-Skewed High-Throughput Data
  • T. Yu
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • PloS one
  • 2012
The ROC surface, together with the associated quantities, volume under the surface (VUS) and FDR-controlled area under the ROC curve (FCAUC), provide a useful approach for gauging classifier performance on class-skewed high-throughput data. Expand


RGL: An R Interface to OpenGL
RGL is an R package providing a simplied interface to OpenGL, a cross-platform library for 3D rendering that is possible for the user to manipulate objects on the screen, and programmatically to change the appearance or content of the display. Expand
Design patterns: elements of reuseable object-oriented software
The book is an introduction to the idea of design patterns in software engineering, and a catalog of twenty-three common patterns. The nice thing is, most experienced OOP designers will find outExpand
Gentleman R: R: A language for data analysis and graphics
The experience designing and implementing a statistical computing language that provides advantages in the areas of portability, computational efficiency, memory management, and scoping is discussed. Expand