A Framework for Dynamic Parameterized Dictionary Matching

  title={A Framework for Dynamic Parameterized Dictionary Matching},
  author={Arnab Ganguly and W. Hon and R. Shah},
  • Arnab Ganguly, W. Hon, R. Shah
  • Published in SWAT 2016
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Two equal-length strings S and S' are a parameterized-match (p-match) iff there exists a one-to-one function that renames the characters in S to those in S'. Let P be a collection of d patterns of total length n characters that are chosen from an alphabet Sigma of cardinality sigma. The task is to index P such that we can support the following operations. * search(T): given a text T, report all occurrences such that there exists a pattern P_i in P that is a p-match with the substring T[j,j… CONTINUE READING
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