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A Framework for Assessing the Security of the Connected Car Infrastructure

  title={A Framework for Assessing the Security of the Connected Car Infrastructure},
  author={Pierre Kleberger and Asrin Javaheri and Tomas Olovsson and Erland Jonsson},
  booktitle={ICSNC 2011},
In this paper, a framework for assessing the security of the connected car infrastructure is presented. The framework includes a model of the infrastructure and a security assessment tree. The model consists of a managed infrastructure and the vehicle communication. The managed infrastructure is further divided into five parts; automotive company applications’ centre, third party applications’ centre, trusted network, untrusted network, and the Internet backbone. The model clarifies the… Expand
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Risk Analysis Study of Fully Autonomous Vehicle
This paper analyses the security risks of the communication infrastructure for the fully autonomous vehicle using a subset of the TVRA methodology by ETSI and finds that all identified high impact threats emanates from a particular source and required encryption mechanisms as countermeasures. Expand
Intrusion Threats and Security Solutions for Autonomous Vehicle Networks
  • Safa Boumiza, R. Braham
  • Computer Science
  • 2017 IEEE/ACS 14th International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA)
  • 2017
This paper presents a survey on intrusion threats and current security solutions in intra and inter vehicle networks, and presents the protection mechanisms currently being devised to address these problems. Expand
Deliverable D6.2: Intermediate Report on the Security of the Connected Car
The next generation of vehicles will be communicating with each other, with road-side objects and be constantly connected to the Inter- net. Many applications will be offered to the drivers andExpand
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A security analysis of delivering diagnostics services to the connected car in future connected repair shops finds that many of the identified vulnerabilities can directly be mitigated by countermeasures and, to its surprise, it is suggested that repair shop security should mainly be addressed at the link layer. Expand
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