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A Formal Specification of the Cardano Ledger

  title={A Formal Specification of the Cardano Ledger},
  author={Nicol{\'a}s Arqueros and Nicholas Clarke and Rupert Horlick and Michael Hueschen and Yun Lu and Philipp Kant and Jean-Christophe Mincke},
This document defines the rules for extending a ledger with transactions, as implemented in the Byron release of the Cardano Ledger. It is intended to serve as the specification for random generators of transactions which adhere to the rules presented here. List of Contributors Jared Corduan, Nicholas Clarke, Marko Dimjašević, Duncan Coutts, Ru Horlick, Michael Hueschen. 
Specification of the Blockchain Layer
This documents defines inference rules for operations on a blockchain as a specification of the blockchain layer of Cardano in the Byron release and in a transition to the Shelley release, which is accompanied by small-step operational semantics inference rules.
Opportunistic Algorithmic Double-Spending: How I learned to stop worrying and hedge the Fork
This paper analyzes the execution traces of 922 562 transactions on the Ethereum blockchain to identify transactions, which may be associated with frontrunning and MEV bots, that exhibit some of the design patterns also employed as part of the herein presented attack.