A Forgotten Book by a Marginalised Anthropologist

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The idea of conducting an anthropological survey on the famine-affected people in Bengal in 1943 was planned and executed by a low profile teacher named Tarak Chandra Das. T.C. Das was not a member of any political party nor did he run any NGO. Indeed, he is a forgotten personality in the annals of Indian anthropology despite his original and groundbreaking contributions to social anthropology and sociology. Historiographers and encyclopaedia writers of Indian anthropology have simply forgotten… 
Nation Building on the Margins: How the Anthropologists of India Contributed?
The contributions of the anthropologists towards nation building in the early years after independence of India is still an unexplored research agenda in the social sciences in general and


Tarak Chandra Das: A Marginalised Anthropologist
Tarak Chandra Das (1898–1964) was a brilliant social anthropologist who, despite his exemplary social commitment and groundbreaking contributions, remained a marginalised and forgotten personality.
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