A Follow-up of Subjects Scoring above 180 IQ in Terman's “Genetic Studies of Genius”

  title={A Follow-up of Subjects Scoring above 180 IQ in Terman's “Genetic Studies of Genius”},
  author={David Henry Feldman},
  journal={Exceptional Children},
  pages={518 - 523}
  • D. Feldman
  • Published 1 April 1984
  • Psychology
  • Exceptional Children
Although there are numerous studies of gifted students, there have been no studies following up the very high IQ students into adulthood. Using the Terman files, 26 subjects with scores above 180 IQ were compared with 26 randomly selected subjects from Terman's sample. Findings were generally that the extra IQ points made little difference and that extremely high IQ does not seem to indicate “genius” in the commonly understood sense of the word. 

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  • K. Heilman
  • Psychology
    Journal of Religion and Health
  • 2015
The Jewish people success in creativity may not be related to their genetically determined IQ, but rather the learned propensity to earnestly question and seek better alternatives.

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Sources of life satisfactions of the Terman gifted men.

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Contributions to the IQ controversy from the study of superior deviates.

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