A Follow-Up Evaluation of the Frostig Visual-Perceptual Training Program


DURING the 1965-66 school year an evaluation of the Frostig Visual-Perceptual program was conducted. 1 Subjects were in prekindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade. In general, it was found that children taking the Frostig program did better on the Frostig Visual-Perceptual Test than did con trols. Largest gains were registered by first graders. After initial differences in Frostig scores were cancelled out, no significant dif ferences in end-of-year reading readiness scores were found among kindergarten pupils in Frostig and non-Frostig classes. Finally, subtest analyses were made and revealed that practically all the differences in Frostig total test scores noted above were due to one subtest; i.e., Form Constancy. Readers who are not acquainted with the Frostig Visual-Perceptual program or the in strument, are referred to the original study or to the Frostig manual.The purpose of this study is to replicate 3 as much as possible the former study and to follow up the children in the study to deter mine the predictive validity of the Frostig tests as well as to study the cumulative

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