A Fluxgate Magnetic Sensor: From PCB to Micro-Integrated Technology

  title={A Fluxgate Magnetic Sensor: From PCB to Micro-Integrated Technology},
  author={Andrea Baschirotto and Enrico Dallago and Piero Malcovati and Marco Marchesi and Giuseppe Venchi},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement},
In this paper, a double-axis micro Fluxgate magnetic sensor is presented. The device represents an evolution of a PCB dual axis sensor previously realized. In the PCB version the experimental results exhibit excellent agreement with the simulations performed using a tool based on the finite element method. Using the same design approach a version of double-axis Fluxgate structure is here proposed to be realized in IC technology. The accurate study of the magnetic field distribution allows a 75… 

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