A Flow Measurement Technique Using a Noncontact Capacitance-Type Orifice Transducer for a Conducting Liquid

  title={A Flow Measurement Technique Using a Noncontact Capacitance-Type Orifice Transducer for a Conducting Liquid},
  author={Satish Chandra Bera and Haraprasad Mandal},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement},
The ordinary orifice transducer widely used in process industries for flow rate measurement produces a differential pressure which is generally measured by a DP cell and thus may suffer from various problems like leakage of process fluid, corrosion of diaphragm materials, etc. In this paper, the design of a noncontact capacitance-type orifice transducer for the measurement of flow rate of a conducting liquid through a pipeline has been described. In the proposed transducer, the use of a… CONTINUE READING


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