A Flexible and Robust Large Scale Capacitive Tactile System for Robots

  title={A Flexible and Robust Large Scale Capacitive Tactile System for Robots},
  author={Perla Maiolino and Marco Maggiali and Giorgio Cannata and Giorgio Metta and Lorenzo Natale},
  journal={IEEE Sensors Journal},
Capacitive technology allows building sensors that are small, compact and have high sensitivity. For this reason it has been widely adopted in robotics. In a previous work we presented a compliant skin system based on capacitive technology consisting of triangular modules interconnected to form a system of sensors that can be deployed on non-flat surfaces. This solution has been successfully adopted to cover various humanoid robots. The main limitation of this and all the approaches based on… Expand
Design of A Highly Sensitive, Flexible and Stretchable Tactile Sensor for Electronic Skin Applications
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A fingertip for the hands of the iCub robot, each fingertip consists of 12 sensors, each sensor consists of capacitive sensors made from a flexible PCB, and a multi-layer fabric that includes the dielectric material and the conductive layer. Expand
The Design and Characterization of a Flexible Tactile Sensing Array for Robot Skin
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The Development of a Flexible Sensor for Continuum Soft-Bodied Robots
The main contribution of the work is to introduce Electrical Impedance Tomography to the field of deformable structure and open the way for the application of such sensors in different robotic contexts where there are strong requirements on the deformability and adaptability of the technology used to develop these robotic devices. Expand
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Methods and Technologies for the Implementation of Large-Scale Robot Tactile Sensors
A compliant “skin” for humanoids is developed that integrates a distributed pressure sensor based on capacitive technology that is compact, modular and can be deployed on nonflat surfaces. Expand
Conformable and scalable tactile sensor skin for curved surfaces
  • Y. Ohmura, Y. Kuniyoshi, A. Nagakubo
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Proceedings 2006 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2006. ICRA 2006.
  • 2006
The design and realization of a conformable tactile sensor skin is presented, organized as a network of self-contained modules consisting of tiny pressure-sensitive elements which communicate through a serial bus. Expand
A sensor for dynamic tactile information with applications in human-robot interaction and object exploration
A novel tactile sensor, which is applied for dextrous grasping with a simple robot gripper, and applications to guiding a robot arm on a desired trajectory with negligible force, reflective grip improvement, and tactile exploration of objects to create a shape representation and find stable grips are described. Expand
A Polymer-Based Flexible Tactile Sensor for Both Normal and Shear Load Detections and Its Application for Robotics
This paper proposes and demonstrates a novel flexible tactile sensor for both normal and shear load detections. For the realization of the sensor, polyimide and polydimethylsiloxane are used as aExpand
Development of soft and distributed tactile sensors and the application to a humanoid robot
A comprehensive tactile sensor system which can cover wide areas of full-body robots, based on design criteria which are introduced from requirements, and made of soft, conductive gel, which has the advantage of compliance compared with other sheet-type tactile sensors. Expand
Development of a CMOS-Based Capacitive Tactile Sensor With Adjustable Sensing Range and Sensitivity Using Polymer Fill-In
This paper reports a capacitive-type CMOSmicroelectromechanical system tactile sensor containing a capacitance-sensing gap filled with polymer. Thus, the equivalent stiffness of the tactile sensorExpand
A full-body tactile sensor suit using electrically conductive fabric and strings
The design and implementation of a tactile sensor system, sensor suit, that covers the entire body of a robot and its application with a full-body humanoid are presented. Expand
Humanoid Multimodal Tactile-Sensing Modules
A new generation of active tactile modules (i.e., HEX-O-SKIN), which are developed in order to approach multimodal whole-body-touch sensation for humanoid robots, and emulate the human sense of temperature, vibration, and light touch are presented. Expand
Development of soft sensor exterior embedded with multi-axis deformable tactile sensor system
A prototype of soft sensor exterior embedded with the developed sensing elements is realized and it is confirmed that the 3D deformation, such as stroking, pinching, and pushing, can be detected using the developed sensor exterior prototype. Expand
Highly sensitive flexible pressure sensors with microstructured rubber dielectric layers.
Flexible, capacitive pressure sensors with unprecedented sensitivity and very short response times that can be inexpensively fabricated over large areas by microstructuring of thin films of the biocompatible elastomer polydimethylsiloxane are demonstrated. Expand