A First Course in String Theory: Acknowledgements

  title={A First Course in String Theory: Acknowledgements},
  author={Barton Zwiebach},
  booktitle={Frontier of Computer Science and Technology},
  • B. Zwiebach
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    Frontier of Computer Science…
  • Physics
Foreword Preface Acknowledgements Part I. Basics: 1. A brief introduction 2. Special relativity and extra dimensions 3. Electromagnetism and gravitation in various dimensions 4. Nonrelativistic strings 5. The relativistic point particle 6. Relativistic strings 7. Strong parameterization and classical motion 8. World-sheet currents 9. Light-cone relativistic strings 10. Light-cone fields and particles 11. The relativistic quantum point particle 12, Relativistic quantum closed strings 13… 

String Theory: An Overview

String theory is not, in contrast to general relativity and quantum field theory, a theory in the strict sense. There is, e.g., no axiomatic formulation and there is no set of defining equations of

The Holographic Universe

I give a critical review of the holographic hypothesis, which posits that a universe with gravity can be described by a quantum field theory in fewer dimensions. I first recall how the idea

Universe and Matter conjectured as a 3-dimensional Lattice with Topological Singularities

One fundamental problem of modern physics is the search for a theory of everything able to explain the nature of space-time, what matter is and how matter interacts. There are various propositions,

Boson-Fermion Unification, Superstrings, and Bohmian Mechanics

Bosonic and fermionic particle currents can be introduced in a more unified way, with the cost of introducing a preferred spacetime foliation. Such a unified treatment of bosons and fermions

Connecting Loop Quantum Gravity and String Theory via Quantum Geometry

  • D. Vaid
  • Physics
    Springer Proceedings in Physics
  • 2021
We argue that String Theory and Loop Quantum Gravity can be thought of as describing different regimes of a single unified theory of quantum gravity. LQG can be thought of as providing the


We formulate target space duality symmetry of NSR superstring from the perspectives of worldsheet. The worldsheet action is presented in the superspace formalism in the presence of massless

Correlated worldline theory: Structure and consistency

We give a formal treatment of the "Correlated Worldline" theory of quantum gravity. The generating functional is written as a product over multiple copies of the coupled matter and gravitational

Geometric reduction of the string landscape

The string background AdS7XS4 and dual CFT are adopted, and symmetric, multidimensional objects are identified as elements of the 7-dimensional vacuum that complements 4-spacertime in the proposed,

Quantum cosmological backreactions. II. Purely homogeneous quantum cosmology

This is the second paper in a series of four in which we use space adiabatic methods in order to incorporate backreactions among the homogeneous and between the homogeneous and inhomogeneous degrees

Anti-deSitter Space and Confinement

  • J. Greensite
  • Physics
    An Introduction to the Confinement Problem
  • 2020
AdS/CFT, also known as the Maldacena conjecture, deserves a book in itself. The initials refer to an equivalence (“duality”) between Type II superstrings propagating in a ten-dimensional background