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A Fiber Optoacoustic Emitter with Maximized Conversion Efficiency and Controlled Ultrasound Frequency for Biomedical Applications.

  title={A Fiber Optoacoustic Emitter with Maximized Conversion Efficiency and Controlled Ultrasound Frequency for Biomedical Applications.},
  author={Linli Shi and Ying Jiang and Yi Zhang and Lu Lan and Yimin Huang and Ji‐Xin Cheng and Chen Yang},
  journal={arXiv: Medical Physics},
Focused ultrasound has attracted great attention in minimally invasive therapy, gene delivery, brain stimulation, etc. Frequency below 1 MHz has been identified preferable for high-efficacy drug delivery, gene transfection and neurostimulation due to minimized tissue heating and cell fragmentation. However, the poor spatial resolution of several millimeters and the large device diameter of ~25 mm of current sub-MHz ultrasound technology severely hinders its further applications for effective… 

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