A Fault Recovery Approach in Fault-Tolerant Processor

  title={A Fault Recovery Approach in Fault-Tolerant Processor},
  author={Hongbing Li and Lihong Shang and Jianxun Dang and Huihua Jin},
  journal={2009 International Conference on Scalable Computing and Communications; Eighth International Conference on Embedded Computing},
A fault recovery scheme of a fault-tolerant processor for embedded systems is introduced in this paper. The microarchitecture of the fault-tolerant processor called RSED is modified from superscalar processor architecture. The fault-tolerant mechanism of RSED is implemented mainly using temporal redundancy technique. Fault recovery scheme is an important part of the fault-tolerant mechanism. In order to resolve the problem of possible single point of failures, a novel TMR approach is adopted to… CONTINUE READING