A Fast Learning Algorithm for Deep Belief Nets

  title={A Fast Learning Algorithm for Deep Belief Nets},
  author={Geoffrey E. Hinton and Simon Osindero and Y. Teh},
  journal={Neural Computation},
  • Geoffrey E. Hinton, Simon Osindero, Y. Teh
  • Published 2006
  • Mathematics, Medicine, Computer Science
  • Neural Computation
  • We show how to use complementary priors to eliminate the explaining-away effects that make inference difficult in densely connected belief nets that have many hidden layers. Using complementary priors, we derive a fast, greedy algorithm that can learn deep, directed belief networks one layer at a time, provided the top two layers form an undirected associative memory. The fast, greedy algorithm is used to initialize a slower learning procedure that fine-tunes the weights using a contrastive… CONTINUE READING
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