A Fast Fractal Coding Method for Image with Primary Additional Errors


Today, in the multimedia encoding technology, fractal image coding is an effective coding method without resolution. The effectiveness is because of the high compressing ratio of fractal image coding. But the computational complexity of this coding method is so high that it needs long encoding time. In this paper, a novel fast fractal coding method is constructed to decrease the coding time by the capture of primary additional error values. This method is a universal algorithm, which is independent of image types. First, we abstract the additional error values from classic image coding. Then, we present a method to abstract the primary error values with a given rule of weight. Moreover, the encoding and decoding processes are reformed to store the primary additional error values. Finally, experimental results shows the improved fractal image coding method has higher compressing ratio and better effectiveness (signal to noise ratio) than the classic algorithm.

DOI: 10.4304/jmm.9.7.955-962

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@article{Liu2014AFF, title={A Fast Fractal Coding Method for Image with Primary Additional Errors}, author={Shuai Liu and Mengxi Liu and Qi Jia and Lingyun Qi and Haipeng Li}, journal={Journal of Multimedia}, year={2014}, volume={9}, pages={955-962} }