A Fast Descriptor Matching Algorithm for Exhaustive Search in Large Databases

  title={A Fast Descriptor Matching Algorithm for Exhaustive Search in Large Databases},
  author={Byung Cheol Song and Myung Jun Kim and Jong Beom Ra},
  booktitle={IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia},
In order to find the best match to a query image in a database, conventional content-based image retrieval schemes need the exhaustive search, where the descriptor of the query, e.g., histogram, must be compared with literally all images in the database. However, the straightforward exhaustive search algorithm is computationally expensive. So, fast exhaustive search algorithms are demanded. This paper presents a fast exhaustive search algorithm based on a multi-resolution descriptor structure… CONTINUE READING

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Key Quantitative Results

  • With a luminance histogram as a descriptor, we show that the proposed algorithm provides a search accuracy of 100% with high search speed.

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