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A Family of Bounded and Analytic Hyper-Operators

  title={A Family of Bounded and Analytic Hyper-Operators},
  author={J. Nixon},
  • J. Nixon
  • Published 28 May 2021
  • Mathematics
This is a summation of research done in the author’s second and third year of undergraduate mathematics at The University of Toronto. As the previous details were largely scattered and disorganized; the author decided to rewrite the cumulative research. The goal of this paper is to construct a family of analytic functions α ↑ z : (1, e) × CR(z)>0 → CR(z)>0 using methods from fractional calculus. This family satisfies the hyper-operator chain, α ↑ α ↑ z = α ↑ (z + 1); with the initial condition… 


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