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A Facile Regioselective 1,3-dipolar Cycloaddition Protocol for the Synthesis of Thiophene containing Spiro Heterocycles

  title={A Facile Regioselective 1,3-dipolar Cycloaddition Protocol for the Synthesis of Thiophene containing Spiro Heterocycles},
  author={Geethanjali Kanagaraju and A. Thangamani},
An efficient three component synthesis of novel spiropyrrolidine compounds were obtained in good-to-excellent yields from the chemo-regio-and stereoselective reaction between �,�-unsaturated ketones with thiophene substituents and non-stabilized azomethineylides, generated in situ from acenaphthenequinone and sarcosine. This protocol has the advantages of highly efficiency, mild reaction conditions, a one-pot procedure, easy workup, short reaction times, convenient operation, and catalyst-free… 
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