A Facile One-Pot Conversion of Aldehydes into Nitriles

  title={A Facile One-Pot Conversion of Aldehydes into Nitriles},
  author={Samuel T. Chill and Robert. Mebane},
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Abstract A facile one-pot synthesis of nitriles starting with aldehydes has been developed employing hydroxylamine hydrochloride in dimethylsulfoxide at 100°C. 
Facile One-Pot Conversion of Aldehydes into Amides
A facile one-pot synthesis of amides from aldehydes has been developed. This tandem process involves the formation of a nitrile intermediate obtained from the reaction of an aldehyde with
Copper (II)-catalysed direct conversion of aldehydes into nitriles in acetonitrile
A mild one-pot method for the direct conversion of aryl, heteroaryl and alkyl aldehydes into nitriles was achieved by forming the corresponding oximes in situ with NH2OH and allowing them to react
A Simple and One-pot Oxidative Conversion of Alcohols or Aldehydes to the Nitriles using NaIO4/KI in Aqueous NH3
Sodium periodate () and potassium iodide (KI) in aqueous ammonia has been used for the one-pot synthesis of nitriles from the corresponding aldehydes and alcohols in moderate to good yield. This
Tandem One-Pot Conversion of Aldehydes into Ethyl Esters
Abstract A facile one-pot synthesis of ethyl esters from aldehydes has been developed. This tandem process involves the formation of a nitrile intermediate obtained from the reaction of an aldehyde
An Efficient Synthesis of Nitriles from Aldoximes in the Presence of Trifluoromethanesulfonic Anhydride in Mild Conditions
  • N. Uludağ
  • Chemistry
    Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry
  • 2020
A new and convenient protocol has been proposed for the transformation of aldoximes to nitriles using trifluoromethanesulfonic anhydride and triethylamine. The proposed method allows a range of
Improved Schmidt Conversion of Aldehydes to Nitriles Using Azidotrimethylsilane in 1,1,1,3,3,3-Hexafluoro-2-propanol
This improved protocol tolerates a broad scope of aldehydes with diverse functional groups and the corresponding nitriles were obtained in good to high yields without the need for aqueous work up.
Catalytic synthesis of amides via aldoximes rearrangement.
A comprehensive overview of the advances achieved in organic chemistry's amide bond formation reactions is presented, with a focus on Beckmann rearrangement.


Facile Synthesis of Nitriles from Aromatic Aldehydes Using DMSO‐I2
Abstract Nitriles have been prepared from different aromatic aldehydes by a one‐pot process using hydroxylamine hydrocloride and molecular iodine in the presence of dimethylsulphoxide.
A new method for conversion of aldoximes into nitriles: use of chlorothionoformates
p-Chlorophenyl chlorothionoformate in the presence of pyridine dehydrates aldoximes under extremely mild conditions.
Effect of metal ions in organic synthesis. XVII: Mild, easy, and high-yield conversion of aldoximes into nitriles under copper(II) acetate-catalysis
Conversion des oximes d'octanal, decanal, cinnamaldehyde, benzenepropanal et benzaldehyde en les nitriles correspondants
Conversion of Aldoximes into Nitriles with Raney Nickel in Refluxing 2-Propanol
Abstract Aldoximes are readily dehydrated to nitriles with Raney nickel in refluxing 2-propanol.
Trichloromethyl Carbonochloridate: A Dehydrating Reagent for the Preparation of Nitriles from Aldoximes
Deshydratation d'aldoximes a l'aide du chloroformiate de trichloromethyle dans l'acetonitrile
Neutral conversion af aldoximes into nitriles at low temperature
(E)-and (Z)-Aldoximes can be induced to lose water to yield nitriles at, or slightly above, room temperature in dichloromethane solution by treatment with 1,1′-dicarbonylbi-imidazole.
Highly efficient and catalytic conversion of aldoximes to nitriles.
Catalytic dehydration of aldoximes can be performed highly efficiently with a catalyst system of [RuCl(2)(p-cymene)](2)/molecular sieves under essentially neutral and mild conditions, and various
A Simple System for Preparation of Protected Glycosidic Carbohydrate Nitriles from Corresponding Oximes.
SYNTHESIS OF PEPTIDYL UREAS USING p-NITROPHENYL-(9-FLUORENYLMETHOXYCARBONYLAMINO) METHYL CARBAMATE Basanagoud S. Patil, Ganga-Ramu Vasanthakumar, and V. V. Suresh Babu* Department of Studies in
Preparation of triazolo[1,5-c]pyrimidines as potential antiasthma agents.
Five compounds prepared by reacting arylamidines with sodium ethyl formylacetate or with ethyl propiolate to give pyrimidinones were found to have the best activity and were chosen for further pharmacological and toxicological study.