A Faceted Approach to Subject Data in the Dublin Core Metadata Record

  title={A Faceted Approach to Subject Data in the Dublin Core Metadata Record},
  author={L. M. Chan and Eric Childress and Rebecca Dean and E. O'Neill and D. Vizine-Goetz},
  journal={Journal of Internet Cataloging},
  pages={35 - 47}
SUMMARY The enormous volume and rapid growth of resources available on the World Wide Web and the emergence of numerous metadata schemes have spurred a re-examination of the way subject data is to be provided for Web resources efficiently and effectively. For the Dublin Core metadata record, a new approach to subject vocabulary is being investigated. This new method, called FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology), is based on the existing vocabulary in Library of Congress Subject… Expand
FAST: Development of Simplified Headings for Metadata
The purpose of adapting the LCSH with a simplified syntax to create FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) headings is to retain the very rich vocabulary of LCSH while making the schema easier to understand, control, apply, and use. Expand
Chapter 5 – Metadata
This chapter focuses on metadata standards and the process of building metadata in digital libraries, and discusses user-generated tagging and linked open data in the context of describing and sharing digital library resources. Expand
Metadata and Authority Control in the Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive
Abstract At the University of Southern Mississippi (USM), the Special Collections and the Bibliographic Services departments collaborate to provide online access to the photographs, letters, diaries,Expand
Metadata Quality and the Use of Hierarchical Schemes to Determine Meta Keywords: An Exploration
It is therefore possible that non-professional status, lack of skills, or intentions to misrepresent web page content via metadata are not the sole contributing factors to quality of author-generated metadata. Expand
Representation and Retrieval in Faceted Systems
This paper discusses two inter�related themes: the retrieval potential of faceted thesauri and XML representations of fundamental facets. Initial findings are discussed from the ongoing 'FACET'Expand
Query expansion via conceptual distance in thesaurus indexed collections
The potential of query expansion techniques using the semantic relationships in a faceted thesaurus, permitting very precise queries and indexing, is discussed. Expand
Taxonomies in knowledge organisation — Need, description and benefits
The review reveals that the use of taxonomies is being highly advocated by the scholars for the efficient knowledge organization and retrieval of information in the digital environment due to the expeditious and compounded growth of information on the web and the failure of search engines to retrieve the relevant information. Expand
User search terms and controlled subject vocabularies in an institutional repository
The study presents a novel method for analyzing user search behavior to assist IR managers in determining whether to invest in applying controlled subject vocabularies to IR content. Expand
Controlled Vocabularies in the Digital Age: Are They Still Relevant?
This research tends to confirm that LCSH could benefit from simplification as well as automation and offers some suggestions for improvements in both areas. Expand
Compound descriptors in context: a matching function for classifications and thesauri
A matching function for compound descriptors that does not rely on exact matching but incorporates term expansion via thesaurus semantic relationships to produce ranked results that take account of missing and partially matching terms. Expand


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