A Draft Sequence for the Genome of the Domesticated Silkworm (Bombyx mori)

  title={A Draft Sequence for the Genome of the Domesticated Silkworm (Bombyx mori)},
  author={Qingyou Xia and Z. Zhou and Cheng Lu and Daojun Cheng and F. Dai and B. Li and Ping Zhao and Xingfu Zha and T. Cheng and C. Chai and G. Pan and Jinshan Xu and C. Liu and Y. Lin and J. Qian and Yong Hou and Zhengli Wu and G. Li and M. Pan and C. Li and Y. Shen and Xiqian Lan and L. Yuan and T. Li and H. Xu and Guangwei Yang and Yongji Wan and Y. Zhu and M. Yu and Weide Shen and Dayang Wu and Z. Xiang and J. Yu and J. Wang and R. Li and J. Shi and H. Li and Guangyuan Li and J. Su and X. Wang and Z. Zhang and Q. Wu and J. Li and Q. Zhang and N. Wei and J. Xu and H. Sun and Le Dong and D. Liu and S. Zhao and Xiaolan Zhao and Qingshun Meng and Fengdi Lan and X. Huang and Y. Li and Lin Fang and Changfeng Li and D. Li and Y. Sun and Zhenpeng Zhang and Zheng Yang and Y. Huang and Y. Xi and Qiuhui Qi and D. He and Haiyan Huang and X. Zhang and Z. Wang and W. Li and Y. Cao and Y. Yu and H. Yu and J. Ye and H. Chen and Y. Zhou and B. Liu and H. Ji and Shengting Li and Peixiang Ni and J. Zhang and Y. Zhang and H. Zheng and B. Mao and W. Wang and C. Ye and S. Li and G. K. Wong and H. Yang},
  pages={1937 - 1940}
  • Qingyou Xia, Z. Zhou, +90 authors H. Yang
  • Published 2004
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • We report a draft sequence for the genome of the domesticated silkworm (Bombyx mori), covering 90.9% of all known silkworm genes. Our estimated gene count is 18,510, which exceeds the 13,379 genes reported for Drosophila melanogaster. Comparative analyses to fruitfly, mosquito, spider, and butterfly reveal both similarities and differences in gene content. 
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