A Doppler effect in embryonic pattern formation

  title={A Doppler effect in embryonic pattern formation},
  author={Daniele Soroldoni and David J J{\"o}rg and L. Morelli and David L Richmond and Johannes E. Schindelin and F. J{\"u}licher and A. Oates},
  pages={222 - 225}
  • Daniele Soroldoni, David J Jörg, +4 authors A. Oates
  • Published 2014
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Observing an embryonic Doppler effect The sound of an oncoming train changes as it passes you, a phenomenon termed the Doppler effect. Soroldoni et al. propose a similar event during the formation of vertebrate embryo body segments. It is generally thought that the internal timing of a genetic oscillator called the “segmentation clock” sets the rhythm of body segments called somites. However, time-lapse microscopy of the spatial waves of oscillations and the timing of body segment formation… CONTINUE READING
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