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A Distributed Lock Manager Using Paxos : Design and Implementation of Warlock, a Consensus Based Lock Manager

  title={A Distributed Lock Manager Using Paxos : Design and Implementation of Warlock, a Consensus Based Lock Manager},
  author={Sukumar Yethadka},
Locking primitives are one of the mechanisms used by distributed systems to synchronize access to shared data or to serialize their actions. Depending on the design, the locking service may constit ... 
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Design of security risk assessment framework under oVirt cluster based on REST
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Experimental results show that the oVirt virtualization cluster security risk detection and assessment framework is flexible and reliable, easy to expand, to support different types of clustered security testing in conjunction with the corresponding evaluation system to form a complete evaluation report.


Paxos for System Builders
This paper presents a complete specification of the Paxos replication protocol such that system builders can understand it and implement it and detail the safety and liveness properties guaranteed by the specification.
Fast Paxos
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Fast Paxos is an extension of the classic Paxos algorithm that allows the value to be learned in two message delays, and a TLA+ specification of the algorithm appears as an appendix.
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The Chubby Lock Service for Loosely-Coupled Distributed Systems
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Ring Paxos: A high-throughput atomic broadcast protocol
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Impossibility of distributed consensus with one faulty process
It is shown that every protocol for this problem has the possibility of nontermination, even with only one faulty process, in the asynchronous consensus problem.
The Performance of Paxos and Fast Paxos
It is found that Paxos outperforms Fast Paxos for small number of replicas and that collisions are not the cause of this performance difference.
Automated Testing of Distributed Systems
A technique to test servers that interact with clients using the Sun RPC protocol by generating random sequences of RPC calls and checking that the invariants holds over the traces.
Classic Paxos vs. fast Paxos: caveat emptor
There are realistic scenarios in which Classic Paxos has a significant probability of having a lower latency, and this paper discusses one such scenario with an analytical comparison of the protocols and simulation results.