A Discussion on Early Metals and the Origins of Bronze Casting in China

  title={A Discussion on Early Metals and the Origins of Bronze Casting in China},
  author={Bai Yunxiang},
  journal={Chinese Archaeology},
  pages={157 - 165}
  • Bai Yunxiang
  • Published 2003
  • Materials Science
  • Chinese Archaeology
Volume 3 What are the origins of the very distinctive ancient Chinese bronzes?The question has long been debated among scholars and this paper attempts to investigate this difficult and demanding question by exploring the early metal objects discovered through archaeology throughout China. The term ‘early metals’ refers to all pre-Shang (pre-16th century BCE) metal objects found in China that are made of pure copper (hongtong 红铜, Cu), brass (huangtong 黄铜, Cu-Zn), arsenic copper (shentong 砷铜, Cu… 
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The Origins of the Bronze Age of Southeast Asia
White and Hamilton (J World Prehist 22: 357–97, 2009) have proposed a model for the origin of the Southeast Asian Bronze Age founded on seven AMS radiocarbon determinations from the Northeast Thai
Rethinking Yuanlongpo : The Case for Technological Links between the Lingnan (PRC) and Central Thailand in the Bronze Age
The aim of this article is to highlight, on the basis of the material evidence, both the coherence and the eventual weak points of the hypothesis that links early metallurgy in continental Southeast


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