A . Direct Measurement of the Pseudoscalar Decay Constant , fo , * _


The Beijing Spectrometer (BES) p ex eriment has observed purely leptonic decays of the D, meson in the reaction e+e+ D$D; at a c.m. energy of 4.03 GeV. Three events are observed in which one D, decays hadronically to +r, li*“K, or K”li, and the other decays leptonically to ova or l-v,. With the assumption of p-r universality, values of the branching fraction Br(D, + PV~) = 1.5?~:~+~:~ %, and the D, pseudoscalar decay constant, f& = 4.3$;:;f;:; x lo2 MeV, are obtained. Submitted to Physical Review Letters *Work supported in part by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Contract _ No. 19290400 and the Chinese Academy of Sciences under contract No. KJ85 (IHEP); by the Department of Energy under Contract Nos. DE-FG02-91ER40676 (Boston University), DE-FGOS92ER40701 (Caltech), DE-FG03-93ER40788 (Colorado State University), DE-AC02-76ER03069 (MIT), DE-AC03-76SF00515 (SLAC), DE-FG03-91ER40679 (UC Irvine), DE-FG03-94ER40833 (U Hawaii), DE-FG05-92ER40736 (UT Dallas), DE-AC35-89ER40486 (SSC Lab); by the U.S. National Science Foundation, Grant No. PHY9203212 (U niversity of Washington); and by the Texas National Research Laboratory Commission under Contract Nos. RGFYSlB5, RGFY92B5 (Colorado State), and RCFY93-316H (UT Dallas). tpresent address: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford, California 94309.

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