A Direct Construction of Finite State Automata for Pushdown Store Languages

  title={A Direct Construction of Finite State Automata for Pushdown Store Languages},
  author={Viliam Geffert and Andreas Malcher and Katja Meckel and Carlo Mereghetti and Beatrice Palano},
We provide a new construction of a nondeterministic finite automaton (NFA) accepting the pushdown store language of a given pushdown automaton (PDA). The resulting NFA has a number of states which is quadratic in the number of states and linear in the number of pushdown symbols of the given PDA. Moreover, we prove the size optimality of our construction. Beside improving some results in the literature, our approach represents an alternative and more direct proof of pushdown store language… 
Recent Trends in Descriptional Complexity of Formal Languages
The main historical development is presented and the basics concepts of descriptional complexity from a general abstract perspective are addressed and the representation by two-way finite automata, multi-head finite Automata, and limited automata are considered.


Descriptional Complexity of Pushdown Store Languages
An upper bound on the size of an NFA for P(M) is obtained, which is quadratic in the number of states and linear in theNumber of pushdown symbols of M, and this upper bound is shown to be asymptotically optimal.
Determination of finite automata accepting subregular languages
A note on pushdown store automata and regular systems
This paper uses a theorem of Bar-Hillel, Perles and Shamir to show that the set of tapes left on the pushdown store by a regular set is regular and derives Biichi's theorem from that result.
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This volume intended to serve as a text for upper undergraduate and graduate level students and special emphasis is given to the role of algebraic techniques in formal language theory through a chapter devoted to the fixed point approach to the analysis of context-free languages.
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Secure Information Flow in Java via Reachability Analysis of Pushdown System
This work proposes an approach on model checking symbolic pushdown system generated from Java bytecode, and develops a deployment-time verification framework to ensure noninterference of bytecode.
Application of pushdown-store machines
This paper presents a meta-modelling architecture suitable for the effective processing of languages by computers, and some examples show how this architecture can be modified for mobile devices.
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