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A Different Type of Housing Crisis: Allocating Costs Fairly and Encouraging Landlord Participation in Section 8

  title={A Different Type of Housing Crisis: Allocating Costs Fairly and Encouraging Landlord Participation in Section 8},
  author={Krista J Sterken},
  journal={Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems},
  • Krista J Sterken
  • Published 1 December 2009
  • Economics
  • Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems
The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program ("Section 8") is an important effort to make quality housing accessible to low-income families. Although the federal program is voluntary, several states, cities, and local communities have responded to the problem of landlord rejection of Section 8 tenants with laws prohibiting discrimination based on a prospective tenant's source-of-income. Mandatory Section 8 facilitates the program's success but also raises significant equity issues when… 
Source of Income Discrimination and Fair Housing Policy
The housing choice voucher program was designed with two main goals in mind: to eliminate concentrations of poverty and the social problems it causes and to provide poor households with greater
Housing Choice Voucher Program;Patterns and Factors of Spatial Concentration in Cleveland
Housing Choice Voucher Program is the single largest housing subsidy program in the USA with the goal of poverty deconcentration and race desegregation. This study aims to identify the presence and
The Reconcentration of Poverty: Patterns of Housing Voucher Use, 2000 to 2008
In theory, housing choice vouchers provide low-income families with increased neighborhood options. However, previous research is mixed regarding whether the program promotes integration. Examining
Mismatch Between Homeless Families and the Homelessness Service System.
The enrollment phase of the Family Options Study provides information about the mismatch of the homeless service system and the needs and desires of families experiencing homelessness in 12
Barriers and facilitators to housing access and maintenance in HUD-VASH: Participant and staff perspectives
This study aims to understand participants’ views on the factors contributing to their exits from HUD-VASH, as well as how program staff may respond to challenges, to inform communities seeking to eliminate Veteran homelessness through HUD- VASH and other supported housing programs.
Leaving Homelessness Behind: Housing Decisions Among Families Exiting Shelter
Familiar neighborhoods near children's schools, transportation, family and friends, and stability were important to families across conditions and uncertainty associated with community-based rapid re-housing generated considerable anxiety.
Le difficile arrimage entre les politiques sociales et la responsabilité individuelle : le cas des politiques du logement aux États-Unis
Les politiques du logement promouvant la production d’un parc immobilier a caractere social ont fait l’objet de nombreuses critiques. Pour y remedier, plusieurs pays ont opte pour des aides directes


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