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A Dialogue-based Software Architecture for Gamified Discrimination Tests

  title={A Dialogue-based Software Architecture for Gamified Discrimination Tests},
  author={Antonio Origlia and P. Cosi and A. Rod{\`a} and C. Zmarich},
  • Antonio Origlia, P. Cosi, +1 author C. Zmarich
  • Published in GHITALY@CHItaly 2017
  • Computer Science, Psychology
  • In this work we describe the current stage of development of a software architecture designed to present discrimination tests to pre-school children in the form of gamified tasks. We interpret the problem of administering these tests as a dialogue model using probabilistic rules to generate customised tests on the basis of the child’s performance. In the proposed architecture, the dialogue system controls a gaming setup composed of a virtual agent and a robotic companion that needs to be taught… CONTINUE READING


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