A Detected Sub - Sequence Facial Similarity Cue Torso Color Distance Cue


We propose a framework for integrating the processes of object recognition and knowledge adaptation. This framework acknowledges that the performance of the object recognition process depends directly on the state of the system's internal knowledge, i.e., its memory, and conversely, that the e cacy of the system's knowledge adaptation process is enhanced by its ability to recognize objects with greater accuracy. Thus, object recognition and knowledge adaptation are inseparable aspects of the same cognitive task, and must be coordinated if the system is to be robust in the context of objects that present variations in illumination, scale, shift, and other temporal variations. Speci cally, the presented system combines a multiple-cue person recognition component and an example-based knowledge adaptation component, and is applied to the task of automatic video indexing of personal appearance events, i.e., the presence of a full frontal face in a video stream. We present the details of this integrated framework and demonstrate successful experi-

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