A Design of Security Framework for e-Health Authentication System using QR Code

  title={A Design of Security Framework for e-Health Authentication System using QR Code},
  author={Non Thiranant and Hoon-Jae Lee},
E-Health is nowadays a commonly used system, widely known as electronic health, where there exist many types of services; providing electronic health records, prescriptions, consumer health information, healthcare information systems, etc. In this modern period of time, a considerable number of patients have taken e-health into consideration, due to the convenience of services provided. The popularity has recently been increasing due to a wide range of services. From the e-health system… Expand
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The outcome of the research will ensure secure connectivity or environment in the e-health monitoring system without depending anymore on a password and third party server. Expand
Developing a QR Code-based Library Management System with Case Study of Private School in Surakarta City Indonesia
The development process of the QR code based computer information system, followed by the tests conducted and discussion, showed that the system significant acceptance from the respondents so that the information system could be characterized as easy to use, functions and features provided meet the requirement, and able to increase service to the student. Expand
Framework for Future Telemedicine Planning and Infrastructure using 5G Technology
Continuous eHealth literacy is need of this transition era and development of new business models to increase involvement, motivation and revenue generation and there is a need to sketch a framework and plan before introducing any telemedicine service. Expand


A security framework for e-Health service authentication and e-Health data transmission
A cost-effective security framework that suits for e-Health authentication and data transmission is presented, which consists of efficient protocol architecture fore-Health service; two risk adaptive authentication techniques and different encryption algorithms to handle data with different levels of importance, thus achieving required security requirements of e- health applications and reduction in the computational complexity and delay in e-health communication. Expand
A mobile based anti-phishing authentication scheme using QR code
A anti phishing single sign-on (SSO) authentication model using QR code is proposed that is secure against phishing attack and even on the distrusted computer environment. Expand
QRP: An improved secure authentication method using QR codes
The design and implementation of QRP is presented, an open source, proof-of-concept authentication system that uses a two-factor authentication by combining a password and a camera-equipped mobile phone, acting as an authentication token. Expand
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