A Descriptive Study of Indian General Public’s Psychological responses during COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown Period in India

  title={A Descriptive Study of Indian General Public’s Psychological responses during COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown Period in India},
  author={Padhmanabhan Vijayaraghavan and Divya Singhal},
Pandemics like COVID-19 poses several challenges which not only include medical but also have a psycho-social impact on the society. It is important to understand how public appraise a pandemic in a large country like India and how do they mentally and behaviorally respond during this threat. A structured questionnaire was used to collect the data and examine the Health Anxiety, Coping and Locus of Control-Internal/External variables using five-point Likert Scale. Responses (n = 231 ) were… 

An online cross-sectional study of the psychosocial impact of COVID-19 lockdown on general population of Haryana, India

Lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic had an adverse psychosocial impact on the general population of Haryana resulting in a magnitude of psychological issues.


Most of people has realized the lockdown have significant impact on psychological health status of people and agree with the statement that behavior-change modification (follow preventive regulations) can improve mental stress.

Stress, coping and attitudinal change towards medical profession during COVID-19 pandemic among health care professionals in India: a cross sectional study

The study concludes that the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in increased psychological distress, adverse social impact and negative attitude towards medical profession among HCPs.

Psychosocial repercussions of COVID-19

Introduction: The sudden and unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19 brought about various changes in the lives of people worldwide. There hasn’t been a pandemic so widespread and impacting in the last

COVID -19 Pandemic: Immediate Psycological Impact During The 3TD Stage of Lockdown among General Population of Selected Areas of Vadodara City

The significant association of psychological impacts & selected demographic variables were found with use of modified impact event scale and researcher have concluded that this type of event or diseases outbreak affect the mental health of the person, increased stress among individual & also affect the daily life of theperson.

A study to Assess the Psychosocial Issues Associated with Covid-19 Pandemic among the Family Members of Third year B.Sc. Nursing Students in selected Colleges of Pathanamthitta District

A non-experimental descriptive survey design was used to assess the perceived psychosocial issues associated with COVID-19 pandemic among the family members and concludes that psychossocial issues are a common phenomenon among the parents and grandparents.

Before and after the Quarantine: An Approximate Study on the Psychological Impact of COVID-19 on the Italian Population during the Lockdown Period

Interestingly, it is revealed how self efficacy increased during the lockdown period, and, at the same time, the Locus of control appeared as externalized, and the risk propensity as reduced.

The Meaning of Living in the Time of COVID-19. A Large Sample Narrative Inquiry

The symbolic universes (SUs) through which Italian people represented the pandemic crisis and its meaning in their life were explored to examine how the interpretation of the crisis varies over societal segments with different sociodemographic characteristics and specific life challenges.

Assessment of internet addiction during COVID 19 pandemic in India, 2022

During COVID 19 pandemic, the prevalence of psychological problems such as Internet Addiction increased especially among young adults, therefore, national policy should be refined to reduce the stressful lifestyle in order to reduced the impact of internet addiction especially for young adults in India.