A Description of a Highly Modular System for the Emergent Flood Prediction


The main goal of our system is to provide the end user with information about an approaching disaster. The concept is to ensure information access to adequate data for all potential users, including citizens, local mayors, governments, and specialists, within one system. It is obvious that there is a knowledge gap between the lay user and specialist. Therefore, the system must be able to provide this information in a simple format for the less informed user while providing more complete information with computation adjustment and parameterization options to more qualified users. Important feature is the open structure and modular architecture that enables the usage of different modules. Modules can contain different functions, alternative simulations or additional features. Since the architectural structure is open, modules can be combined in any way to achieve any desired function in the system. One of many important modules is our own analytic solution to the flood waves for a small basin to our system.

DOI: 10.1109/CISIM.2008.22

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