A Density Functional Theory and ab Initio Investigation of the Oxidation Reaction of CO by IO Radicals.


To get an insight into the possible reactivity between iodine oxides and CO, a first step was to study the thermochemical properties and kinetic parameters of the reaction between IO and CO using theoretical chemistry tools. All stationary points involved were optimized using the Becke's three-parameter hybrid exchange functional coupled with the Lee-Yang-Parr nonlocal correlation functional (B3LYP) and the Møller-Plesset second-order perturbation theory (MP2). Single-point energy calculations were performed using the coupled cluster theory with the iterative inclusion of singles and doubles and the perturbative estimation for triple excitations (CCSD(T)) and the aug-cc-pVnZ (n = T, Q, and 5) basis sets on geometries previously optimized at the aug-cc-pVTZ level. The energetics was then recalculated using the one-component DK-CCSD(T) approach with the relativistic ANO basis sets. The spin-orbit coupling for the iodine containing species was calculated a posteriori using the restricted active space state interaction method in conjunction with the multiconfigurational perturbation theory (CASPT2/RASSI) employing the complete active space (CASSCF) wave function as the reference. The CCSD(T) energies were also corrected for BSSE for molecular complexes and refined with the extrapolation to CBS limit while the DK-CCSD(T) values were refined with the extrapolation to FCI. The exploration of the potential energy surface revealed a two-steps mechanism with a trans and a cis pathway. The rate constants for the direct and complex mechanism were computed as a function of temperature (250-2500 K) using the canonical transition state theory. The three-parameter Arrhenius expressions obtained for the direct and indirect mechanism at the DK-CCSD(T)-cf level of theory is 1.49 × 10(-17) × T(1.77) exp(-47.4 (kJ mol(-1))/RT).

DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.6b00047

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