A Demand-Assignment Access Control for Multi-Code DS-CSMA Wireless Packet (ATM) Networks


I n a wireless packet (e.g., A T M ) network that supports an integrated mix of multamedia tralfJic, a large variety of mobiles with different service rates wall need to be accommodated efficiently in a bandwidthon-demand fair-sharing manner. I n this paper, we propose and study Multi-Code CDMA (MC-CDMA) with Distributed-Queueing Request Update Multiple Access (DQR UMA) for multi-rate wireless packet networks. The network incorporates MC-CD MA (a flexible multiplexing scheme for providing multi-rate packet transmissions) and DQRUMA (an eficient demandassignment multiple access protocol f o r wireless access and schedulang) to form a unified bandwidth-ondemand fair-sharing platform f o r multi-rwte wireless services. A slot-by-slot packet transmit scheduling policy provides the possibility of slot-by-slot allocation of Pseudo-Noise (PN) codes (primary codes) and optimal power levels t o the mobiles involved in packet transmissions. Also, a Maximum Capacity Power Allocation (MCPA) criterion is derived to exploit the subcode concatenation property of the MC-G‘DMA transmission. Simulation results show that the system provides close to ideal-access performance fo r multi-rate mobiles, both with homogeneous trafic charaderistics and with a mix of heterogeneous traffic characteristics.

DOI: 10.1109/INFCOM.1996.493368

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