A Delphi developed syllabus for the medical specialty of sport and exercise medicine

  title={A Delphi developed syllabus for the medical specialty of sport and exercise medicine},
  author={David Humphries and Rod Jaques and Hendrik Paulus Dijkstra},
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Training in the medical specialty of sport and exercise medicine is now available in many, but not all countries. Lack of resources may be a barrier to the development of this important specialty field and the International Syllabus in Sport and Exercise Medicine Group was convened to reduce one potential barrier, the need to develop a syllabus. The group is composed of 17 sport and exercise medicine specialists residing in 12 countries (Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Malaysia, the… 
Delphi developed syllabus for the medical specialty of sport and exercise medicine: part 2
The hierarchical syllabus developed by the ISSEMG provides a useful resource in the planning, development and delivery of specialist training programmes in the medical specialty of SEM.
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Enhanced medical education will enable clinicians to better integrate exercise medicine and physical activity promotion in their clinical practice and result in healthier, more physically active patients.
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Expanding the awareness of the scope of SEM and advocacy for adequate remuneration for these services have the potential to enhance SEM contributions to comprehensive family medicine in Canada.
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This project explored how CRAS had impacted undergraduate anatomy and anatomists in the United Kingdom and found that specific regions of CRAS are deemed less relevant.


The Olympic textbook of medicine in sport
The Overtraining Syndrome: Diagnosis and Management and Neurologic Problems in Sport, 412 Paul McCrory and Sports Nutrition: Practical Guidelines for the Sports Physician are published.