A Decomposition of Measures

  title={A Decomposition of Measures},
  author={Norman Y. Luther},
  journal={Canadian Journal of Mathematics},
  pages={953 - 959}
  • N. Luther
  • Published 1968
  • Mathematics
  • Canadian Journal of Mathematics
Let X be a set, a σ-ring of subsets of X, and let μ be a measure on . Following (1), we define μ to be semifinite if We show (Theorem 1) that every measure can be reduced to a semifinite measure for many practical purposes. In many cases, this reduction can be made even more significantly (Theorems 2 and 3). Finally, necessary and sufficient conditions that a semifinite measure be c-finite are given as a corollary to Theorem 3. 
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Extensions of tight set functions with applications in topological measure theory

Let X1, J{f2 be lattices of subsets of a set X with X1 C 2. The main result of this paper states that every semifinite tight set function on S1 can be extended to a semifinite tight set function on

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