A Declarative Approach for Flexible Business Processes Management


Management of dynamic processes in an important issue in rapidly changing organizations. Workflow management systems are systems that use detailed process models to drive the business processes. Current business process modelling languages and models are of imperative nature – they strictly prescribe how to work. Systems that allow users to maneuver within the process model or even change the model while working are considered to be the most suitable for dynamic processes management. However, in many companies it is not realistic to expect that end-users are able to change their processes. Moreover, the imperative nature of these languages forces designer to over-specify processes, which results in frequent changes. We propose a fundamental paradigm shift for flexible process management and propose a more declarative approach. Declarative models specify what should be done without specifying how it should be done. We propose the ConDec language for modelling and enacting dynamic business processes. ConDec is based on temporal logic rather than some imperative process modelling

DOI: 10.1007/11837862_18

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