A Decision Algorithm for Stratified Context Unification


Context uniication is a variant of second order uniication and also a generalization of string uniication. Currently it is not known whether context uniication is decidable. A specialization of context uniication is stratiied context uniication. Recently, it turned out that stratiied context uniication and one-step rewrite constraints are equivalent. This paper contains a description of a decision algorithm SCU for strat-iied context uniication, which shows decidability of stratiied context uni-cation as well as of satissability of one-step rewrite constraints.

DOI: 10.1093/logcom/12.6.929

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@article{SchmidtSchau2002ADA, title={A Decision Algorithm for Stratified Context Unification}, author={Manfred Schmidt-Schau\ss}, journal={J. Log. Comput.}, year={2002}, volume={12}, pages={929-953} }