A Decidable Class of Nested Iterated Schemata

  title={A Decidable Class of Nested Iterated Schemata},
  author={Vincent Aravantinos and Ricardo Caferra and Nicolas Peltier},
Many problems can be specified by patterns of propositional formulae depending on a parameter, e.g. the specification of a circuit usually depends on the number of bits of its input. We define a logic whose formulae, called iterated schemata, allow to express such patterns. Schemata extend propositional logic with indexed propositions, e.g.Pi, Pi+1, P1 or Pn, and with generalized connectives, e.g. $\bigwedge_{\rm i = 1}^n$, or $\bigvee_{\rm i = 1}^n$, where n is an (unbound) integer variable… CONTINUE READING

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