A Data-driven Approach for Furniture and Indoor Scene Colorization


We present a data-driven approach that colorizes 3D furniture models and indoor scenes by leveraging indoor images on the internet. Our approach is able to colorize the furniture automatically according to an example image. The core is to learn image-guided mesh segmentation to segment the model into different parts according to the imaged object. Given an indoor scene, the system supports colorization-by-example, and has the ability to recommend the colorization scheme that is consistent with a user-desired color theme. The latter is realized by formulating the problem as a Markov random field model that imposes user input as an additional constraint. Our system is able to imitate the colorization results for those scenes containing the same type of furniture objects, but with spatially varied patterns. We contribute to the community a hierarchically organized image-model database with correspondences between each image and the corresponding model at the part-level. Our experiments and a user study show that our system produces perceptually convincing results comparable to those generated by interior designers.

DOI: 10.1109/TVCG.2017.2753255

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